My NIT Pool (but *not* my NCAA pools) keeps "hanging" in the midst of the Auto Update process. What's going on? In my other pool I do not have this problem.

2011-02-19 05:07

Chances are you have some Prompt dialogs enabled. Here is some additional information and tips about how to use the Auto-Update process:

  1. Make sure your HTTP (See Preferences) and FTP settings are correct. 
  2. Run a test (Test Script button) before starting the auto-update feature. All prompt dialogs must be disabled, otherwise the script can not run to completion.
  3. Do not close the FTP Manager window. Once this window is closed all updates will stop.
  4. Make sure the computer does not go to sleep or into hibernation mode
  5. Some FTP features are not supported which your ISP may require, therefore you may need to upload your files from anohter FTP program.
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