How do I upload my web report files to my ISP?

2021-02-21 20:35

Typically you would use an FTP client. There are literally hundreds of these clients, some free and some paid. If you pay, make sure you get one that allows you to mount the drive so that you can use OfficePool's auto-update feature. (Mountain Duck is one such client)

Here is a search for "Free FTP clients for macOS"


If you want a free way to mount SFTP you can follow these steps:

1) Create a 'ftp_mount' folder on the Desktop
2) Open the Terminal app
3) Run the following sshfs** command (updated with your SFTP credentials):

sshfs username@ftp_server:path_to_files ~/Desktop/ftp_mount/ -o defer_permissions -o volname=OfficePoolServer


** This method requires you to install 'sshfs'. Easiest way is to install Homebrew first.

To install homebrew (, run following command in Terminal:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

To install sshfs, run the following commands in Terminal:

  • brew install --cask osxfuse
  • brew install sshfs


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