I can't seem to get the email to work. When I try my default email it won't attach the report? If I use Gmail, is there a secrete to getting this to work?

2011-03-18 17:03


If you are using "Use Default Email Application" option, this is expected behavior and attachments won't work automatically.
Selecting this feature just launches your default email application (e.g.., Mail or Outlook), puts in subject and emails and the Message is copied to the clipboard. Once your App launches, you will then need to attach your files per usual methods.


To set up Gmail from within OfficePool, see these instructions: 

Link: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78799

587 for the port has been verified to work.

Don't forget, you will first have to enable POP in your Gmail settings.



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