In the South Region, selections for Richmond are being displayed as Dayton when viewing them from a web-generated bracket. How do I fix?

2010-03-15 17:20

Since this was a data entry error on the 2010 NCAA Men's Teams files, you can fix this one of two ways. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1) Re-Import the Tournament Teams. The process is:

  • Select the File->Get Tournament Teams menu item
  • Select "Yes" if there is a prompt saying "The pool already has brackets..."
  • Select the "Check For Files" button
  • Select either the "2010 Men's Bracket" or "2010 Men's Bracket (Playin)", depending on which file you imported before
  • Select the "Download & Import" button.

2) Manually change the team name from Preferences, Teams tab. The process is:

  • Select the "Preferences" toolbar button
  • Select the "Teams" button
  • Under the "Regions" list, Select "South"
  • Select the "7 Richmond...." line and then Select the "Edit" button
  • Change "Abbr" field from "Dayton" to "Richmond" and select "OK"
  • Select "OK" one more time to save the changes made to your preferences.

NOTE: This data entry error does not affect your Web Entry form so you do not need to regenerate this form. This error only shows up when you generate web reports.

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