I can not get the website reports to display correctly. All the regular and quik-pik brackets look fine but the reports are listing Clemson, USC, VCU, UAB as finalists for everyone regardless of the picks.

2011-03-16 21:17

The likely cause is that you have the "Show Final Four Compact Format on Standings" selected under the Preferences -> Reports tab. In addition, the defaults QuikPik standings fields are not properly set, so this report is not in sync with the Standings report.

Here is what you need to do to fix this problem, after you have created your QuikPiks

1) Select the "QuikPik Standings" or "Standings" report
2) De-select the following THREE Fields: Picks-Champ, Picks-Finals-1, Picks-Finals-2
3) Select the following FOUR fields: Picks-Final Four-1, Picks-Final Four-2, Picks-Final Four-3, Picks-Final Four-4

Now you standings should be showing the correct Final Four picks.

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