How do you add a statistic to a report?

2009-11-24 18:24

Follow these steps to add a statistic to a report.

  1. Select the "Reports" toolbar item
  2. Select the report you want to edit (e.g. Overall (AllGames) )
  3. Select "Edit Reports" from the Reports menu
  4. Select the '+' button (bottom-left on the window)
  5. Choose a field from the "Favorites" list or, if you created a custom statistic, select from the "Stats" list.
  6. Name, format, align and change the width of the added statistic under the "Field Attributes" group
  7. Select the "Save" button
  8. Save the file to keep these changes

Be sure to check out the video on how to add a statistic in the Videos Section.



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