I am a varsity basketball coach who has been searching for years to find a basketball stat program that runs on a Mac OS. Your program seems to be what I am looking for. However, I can find nothing on your web site that supports the basketball side of your program. It is dominated by baseball. Are you as committed to the basketball part of your program as you are the baseball part?

2010-06-19 17:59

While baseball appears to be the primary focus on the website, all the information from the videos and FAQs could be applied to basketball or soccer. In fact, the way Statbook is structured, you could customize a file to keep track of any sport. The templates provided are merely starting points, where most users customize reports, input statistics and roster information to their liking.

Bottom line is support for Statbook is identical across all sports. Please feel free to keep using Statbook in trial mode until you are completely satisfied Statbook is the right choice.

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