I just purchased Statbook 3.2 in the hopes that it would be better than 2.0. I'm pretty experienced with 2.0, but just how do I add positions?

2009-11-24 18:40

You may also want to take a look at the sample file from the Statbook Downloads Page. From this file:

  1. Select on "Games" from the toolbar. Then
  2. Select Games -> Next Set until you see the "Positions" set selected. This shows an example of how you would enter positions.

From a new (default) file, the "Positions" set is not a saved set but can be created using the following procedure:

  1. Select Games -> Modify Batting/Fielding Stats... menu item
  2. Check/Uncheck the fields you wish to show (e.g. Stats.PosInn1, etc)
  3. Select the "Save" button
  4. Click and hold the "Default" set (popup menu) and then select the "Save Set" item
  5. Give the set a name (e.g. "Positions") and select "Save"
  6. Save the file to keep these changes.
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